Pilotage vessel on the water at Port Kembla
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  • Pilotage is the only statutory charge at Port Kembla managed by the Port Authority of New South Wales.

    Pilotage - 2019/20

     Charging Principle Calculation PDF Documents
     Charge levied to all piloted movements, both in and out of Port Kembla. It is compulsory for all commercial vessels, unless exempted by section 75 of the Maritime Safety Act 1998  Rate per Movement = Rate x Vessel's Gross Tonnage on a Tier Basis (with a Minimum and a Maximum) Port Kembla's Pilotage Charges

    On 31 May 2013, the NSW Government successfully completed the long term lease of 99 years of both Port Botany and Port Kembla. From 1 June 2013, Port Botany and Port Kembla have been managed by a private operator, NSW Ports.

    If you require further information on port charges at Port Kembla other than pilotage, you can contact NSW Ports.  

    Download the entire FY 2019/20 Schedule of Port Charges for Port Authority of New South Wales

    Click here to download last year's pricing FY2018/19 for the entire Port Authority of New South Wales

    Pricing - information for stakeholders

    New Pricing for Financial Year 2019/20

    Port Authority’s letter on the new pricing for the 2019/20 financial year

    Other Pricing Changes 

    Pricing Enquiries

    For further information regarding port charges in Port Kembla, please contact:

    Commercial Team
    Senior Commercial Analyst
    phone: +61 2 9296 4999
    email: vjuan-vega@portauthoritynsw.com.au
    Invoice Enquiries
    Revenue Coordinator
    phone: +61 2 9296 4999
    email: revenue@portauthoritynsw.com.au