View of white bay cruise terminal from the deck of a cruise ship
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    Arriving to and departing from WBCT

    The WBCT is accessible from the time a ship is scheduled to arrive until the scheduled departure time. 

    Entry to the terminal is from James Craig Road, Rozelle. A public access map for cruise ship passengers can be found here. Passenger set down and pick up are available in the terminal precinct and short-term parking for those passengers with a valid itinerary is available on-site.

    A Captain Cook ferry and park and ride options are available on cruise ship days from the city (King St Wharf, Barangaroo) to White Bay. 

    Guest disembarkation

    Passengers arriving from cruises will reclaim their luggage and clear Customs, Immigration and Quarantine inside the WBCT before exiting the building.

    A taxi rank is located onsite which has a dedicated area for picking up cruise passengers. 

    Guest embarkation

    Passengers departing for cruises should refer to their itinerary for check-in times at WBCT.

    Bag drop facilities are available prior to check-in time on cruise days and is located adjacent to the terminal entrance. Please check with your cruise line for operating times.

    Entry to the terminal leads directly to the dedicated check-in hall.

    Once checked-in, you will head to the departure area where you will be processed by Customs and Immigration and undergo a security screening.

    Customs and immigration

    A Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) desk is available for passengers leaving on international cruises. TRS enables you to claim a refund for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) that you paid on goods purchased in Australia. You can claim the TRS from Customs at embarkation after you have checked in.

    International Cruise Voyages – You will need your individual passport with a validity of at least six months and be required to complete an outbound passenger card as well as a health questionnaire.

    Domestic Cruise Voyages – You will need a government agency issued photo ID (driver's licence, etc) and be required to complete a health questionnaire.

    Terminal facilities

    International cruises will be greeted by friendly Sydney Destination Ambassadors who can provide local directions, sightseeing and public transport information.

    A café is open prior to checking in along with an ATM and public payphone.

    Duty free facilities are not available in the terminal precinct though purchases can be made on-board the cruise ship.

    Passengers should be aware there is no Post Office or foreign exchange facilities available at WBCT.

    White Bay Cruise Terminal is closed on non-ship days.

    Before you leave home

    Prior to leaving for the cruise terminal it is recommended you contact your cruise line or travel agent to reconfirm your itinerary and specific requirements and exclusions that relate to your voyage.