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    What is the address of the Overseas Passenger Terminal?

    The Overseas Passenger Terminal (OPT) is located on the corner of Argyle and George streets, Circular Quay West, The Rocks NSW 2000.

    How do I get to the Overseas Passenger Terminal?

    Road and rail access from the airport and the city surrounds, including taxis, buses and ferries.


    Via George Street or Hickson Road, the drop off area is outside the cruise terminal.


    Trains to Circular Quay Station and the terminal is only a few minutes’ walk away (450 meters)


    At Circular Quay, about 450 meters to the terminal.


    Pick-up/ Drop-off areas are right outside the cruise terminal.

    Opal card

    Information on the smartcard ticketing system for travel on public transport.

    How do I get home/get to the airport from the Overseas Passenger Terminal?


    The taxi rank is on Level Three.

    Coach/ Bus airport transfers

    You’ll be directed by ground staff to the dedicated pick up point.

    Limousine/ Private car pick up

    If you have booked a limousine or private car, then you’ll be met outside the front of the terminal near the palm trees. Make sure you have the contact details of the company and ask them to call you when they arrive.


    Circular Quay station is a short 2 minutes’ walk away (450 meters).

    Picking up passengers

    With the limited space available, there is no parking at the OPT or waiting bays for picking up passengers. However, there are plenty of on-street and private parking facilities available in the area (as well as public transport), so please use one of these options and arrange to meet your passenger outside the terminal entrance.

    Scheduled ship arrival times can be seen on our online cruise schedule, though changes to published times can occur. Disembarkation times also vary but usually begin around 30 minutes after arrival.

    Arriving and Departing

    How do I check-in?

    You can check in online.

    If you haven’t checked in online then your cruise company should have provided you with a check-in time. Drop off your bags at the bag drop. Be sure to be at the OPT an hour before you are set to depart.

    What about security screening?

    You will have to walk through a metal detector and your belongings will go through the x-ray.

    Make sure you take off and place in your carry-on luggage, your mobile phone, laptop computers/ tablets, and other large or small metal objects, coins, etc.

    If you have artificial devices, like hip/ knee replacements, pacemakers, etc. let the security people know as you approach.

    The security personnel will make the process as easy and as convenient as possible.

    How do I board the ship from the Overseas Passenger Terminal?

    The Overseas Passenger Terminal has a dedicated elevated gangway.

    What can I find around the terminal?

    Sydney Destination Ambassadors will be able for international arrivals, to provide you any local information you might need. There are many restaurants, pubs, cafes, bars and shopping precincts nearby.

    Further afield there is Bondi Beach, Hunter Valley Wine region, and the Blue Mountains, though all of these are a bit too far to walk, unless you have the time of course.

    Things to bring

    I have medicines/ special needs foods, etc. who can I contact?

    Get a note from your doctor and contact the cruise lines and ask.

    What must I not bring?

    Anything prohibited, illegal, or otherwise dangerous. If in doubt contact the cruise line or have a look at the Australian Border Force.

    I’m not sure if I’m allowed to bring something?

    Things you should check with your cruise line before you bring them, just in case it’s not allowed:

    • Alcohol
    • Other types of non-alcoholic drinks, water, etc.
    • Power boards/ extension leads.
    • Heating elements, kettles/ irons, etc.
    • Knives/ multi tools.
    • Fishing equipment.
    • Sports equipment
    • Drones

    Facilities at the Overseas Passenger Terminal

    Where can I park at the Overseas Passenger Terminal?

    There are no onsite parking facilities at the OPT. There are parking options nearby, but none that are cost effective for long-term parking.

    Can I store my luggage?

    If you arrive before the bag drop has opened for your cruise, but still want to use a luggage storage facility, the nearest ones are:

    Can I drop my bag off?

    Bags can generally be dropped off around 9am and about an hour before a ship is set to depart.

    Is there wheelchair assistance?

    Please let the cruise company know in advance if you require wheel chair access. They should make arrangements for you to have wheel chair assisted entry and escort through the terminal and boarding.

    Can my family & friends come to see me off on my cruise?

    Family and friends are welcome to share in your excitement and wave you a fond farewell from the publicly accessible area on Level 4, OPT. Unfortunately, they will be not be able to come into the terminal building or on-board.

    Customs and Immigration

    What do I need to know about Customs and Immigration?

    Just like an airport, you’ll need government issued identification, passport is always best, but if you’re going on a domestic cruise, an Australian driver’s licence, or equivalent is a must.

    How do I get my GST refund?

    Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) is available immediately after you clear Customs/ Immigration. Don’t forget to have a printed receipt of your purchase.